2019-2020 Curling World Cup

The World Curling Federation has been forced into the difficult decision to suspend the Curling World Cup in season 2019-2020.

Earlier this year Kingdomway Sports, the funding partner for the series, breached the agreement by refusing to make all payments as outlined in the contract. Despite its best efforts the World Curling Federation has not been able to resolve this matter and has terminated its contract with Kingdomway Sports. As a result, the Federation, regrettably, cannot deliver the events on its own to an appropriate standard.

The first season of the Curling World Cup added an exciting dynamic to the curling calendar, achieving promising worldwide television and media coverage. The concept has been received positively by athletes, coaches and fans alike. It has also been a platform to test new rules in elite competition with direct engagement from the top athletes competing in the three Olympic disciplines of women’s, men’s and mixed doubles curling.

The World Curling Federation is disappointed it can’t deliver a second season of the Curling World Cup at this time and is grateful to everyone who worked on the first season. However, the Federation firmly believes in the concept and will work hard with stakeholders to identify new funding partners to return the Curling World Cup to the international curling calendar.

Coverage from the 2018-2019 Curling World Cup can be found at, www.curlingworldcup.com