#WMDCC2018: Day five quotes

  • Kazakhstan during session 20 © WCF / Tom Rowland

Athlete quotes from day five of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018

Session 24

Sven Michel; Switzerland (after 10-4 win over United States): "We were definitely very pleased with our performance tonight, especially after our disappointment this afternoon. It feels great. It was probably our best game and we tried to keep going."

Nina Kremzar; Slovenia (after 10-6 win over Luxembourg): "It feels really good. The Championship has been nice so far but adding a victory to this feels really nice. Playing against such strong teams with so much experience really feels like we’re learning a lot from them."

[Pictured below: Slovenia's Nina Kremzar | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session 23

Rayad Husain; Guyana (after 6-3 win over Brazil): "I was really nervous for the whole game. Probably didn't play my best game but really, really happy we won. I mean, It's history right. And who wouldn't want to make history? I think now we have more of an appreciation of what it's like playing in an arena. Hopefully for future years we'll use this as a learning experience and get better."

Anna Weghuber; Austria (after 11-3 win over Ireland): "We waited for days [to get their first win], we couldn't show our best curling and we had some unlucky shots and unlucky games as well. We played really good today, it was the first game where we had really good weight, but they made a lot of mistakes and this game we could use them, so this was a little fortunate for us this time."

[Pictured below: Austria's Anna Weghuber | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 22

Daniela Matulova; Slovakia (after 10-5 win over Israel): "It's a relief because the whole week it was really hard. We had tough, long matches where one end decided everything. We just wanted to enjoy and play as well as we can. We've got a list of things we have to be better at to compete next year now."

Harry Lill; Estonia (after 12-4 win over New Zealand): "We made that decision in the fourth end, we wanted to use it [the power play] if we needed it. It’s a defensive thing for us. It turned out quite well - it changed the game."

[Pictured below: Slovakia's Daniela Matulova | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session 21

Thomas Paul; Czech Republic, (after 10-1 over Austria): "Our strategy was to just get the draw weights right, because we didn't have them in our last game against Canada. That was the main goal. I think we were quite successful in getting our weights right and just playing simple shots well and not overthinking it."

Yalong Ma; China, (after 12-2 win over Hong Kong): "We had a hammer in the first end and we thought that our first three rocks were okay. And they (Hong Kong) made some mistakes so we saw our chance and went for four."

[Pictured below; China's Yiwei Fu | © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 20

Laura Crocker; Canada, (after 9-4 win over Germany): “We just want to keep getting a little bit more precise knowing we are going to be playing some really good teams moving forward. We want to really nail down our weights and the ice figured out in the next few. I think we’re just putting a lot of pressure on the other teams and anytime you can do that you have to be pretty happy.”
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