#WMDCC2018: Day four quotes

  • Team Denmark Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland

Athlete quotes from day four of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018

Session 19

Anna Fowler; England (after 10-8 win over Denmark): "It's a real relief because we have had some difficult games. A lot of difficult opposition but games we could have come out on top off. I was so pleased to get that win. We've played on that sheet before and we found the ice really tricky but I think that really helped, because today we figured out the ice in the first two ends. I think qualification is probably out of our sights but we just need to do the best we can to get a good seed in for next year."

Session 18

Sarah Anderson; United States (after 11-1 win over Netherlands): "I think the cool thing about this event is that there's 40 different countries here and its definitely seeing countries that you don't usually see at normal world events. So I think its really exciting if we see new countries in the playoffs and also the normal ones. I think it's a great competition here."

Allen Coliban; Romania (after 9-7 win over Croatia): "It was quite a lot of pressure to record at least a win. Our best results at Worlds was in 2014 when we had two wins. We still have a couple of games left, so here's hoping."

[Pictured below: Romania's Allen Coliban | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 17

Aleksander Grzelka; Poland (after 7-6 win over New Zealand): "It’s a great feeling since it’s our first victory at the world championship, so it’s quite a new feeling. The game was very close. We had a big advantage at the beginning and tried to remain with a positive score and we succeeded. We played the last two ends really nice."

Session 16

Rayad Husain; Guyana (after 9-6 win over Austria): “First win for us as a country! So after three losses and really bad games, it’s nice to get that monkey off our back and win. It gives us legitimacy that we’ve won at a world championship. Many people were kind of skeptical of us from last year. Winning is good at a world championship and against an established country like Austria I think that’s great!”

Andy Buettner; Germany (after 10-5 win against Ireland): “It feels great, second win for us at this worlds. I think we played very good, it was one of our best games in the last few days. I think the power play in the last end was the best decision for us to get the win. I think the next game for us is tough against Canada, yes it is possible, but I think for it’s important to focus on each game.”

[Pictured below: Germany's Andy Buettner | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 15

Sven Michel; Switzerland (after 15-0 win over Netherlands): "It’s a big honour representing Switzerland for sure. We are enjoying the time here and we try to be as good as possible. It’s tough competition in Switzerland, so that’s good for us. We need to play good to come here and qualify for our country."

Christine Vita Gronbech; Denmark (after 8-6 win over Hungary): "We started out pretty poor, we couldn’t really find draw weight. But we managed to stay in the game and then after the break we found draw weight and we played good. We forgot that we had the power play in the sixth end, so we forgot to take it, but it turned out really good in the eighth end. But then I could make a double on my last rock!"
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