#WMDCC2018: Day one quotes

  • Team Denmark Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the opening day of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018

Session Four

Marie Turmann; Estonia (after 8-5 win over Poland): "We played two years ago, so it felt really good to be back on the ice and play the Worlds. I think we learnt a lot about the ice, because it's always new every time and it curled really nicely and the speed is really great so...it felt good to get a feel of the ice and play well."

Eleanor Adviento; New Zealand (after 7-6 extra end win over Japan): “Fujisawa is one of my big heroes in curling so even playing against her is a massive privilege and having that W just means so much to us.”

[Pictured below: New Zealand's Eleanor Adviento | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session Three

Daniil Goriachev; Russia (after 11-1 win over Lithuania): "I was a little bit nervous in this game. Maria played 88 per cent, so it’s perfect I think. We watched the ice and in the next game I think we will be better. It’s aggressive ice and aggressive curl so I think we need to feel it and take comfort from this ice."

Gyoergy Nagy; Hungary (after 11-4 win over England): "We were waiting for this game for a long time. It was a long preparation time for us. We’ve been here two days already so it was a big moment. In the beginning we struggled with draw weight. But when we found draw weight, everything worked well and we could win. I think on this ice it’s much better to play more draws than take-outs."

[ Pictured below: Team Russia | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session Two

Kirk Muyres; Canada (after 12-0 win over Ireland): "It was exciting. Before the game, Jeff [Stoughton, coach] asked us if we were nervous and I said 'yeah, I’m nervous and excited.' That’s usually a good thing when you can get the butterflies rolling. We were excited to get out there – it was a couple days waiting and waiting for it. Definitely nervous throwing that first draw to the button but it was fun. I have no idea about the other competition. I don’t see a lot of them because I’m always playing in Canada. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so we prepared like any other game with high level preparations."

Hyeji Jang; Korea (after 11-2 win over Austria): "It’s great. We are really far [from Korea] so we were kind of concerned about that. Our feelings are good, but we will be developing more. I think it’s a bit different playing here than at the Olympics, but it’s better for me because it’s calmer. But for Kijeong, he loves a lot of energy so it’s a happy 50/50. We didn’t have any practice time after the Olympics because we needed a long rest. We just practiced our basic skills, so we were only concerned about that. We played our first game okay, so now we have the feel."

[Pictured below: Korea's Heyji Jang | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session One

Korey Dropkin; United States (after 14-2 win over Luxembourg): "Its really important to get our feet grounded; get off to a good start and get used to the ice. We had a couple of slipups - I burnt a rock - but you know, that's behind us so... thankfully it was early and not late and we were able to bounce back from that and keep going."

Martin Uhd Gronbech; Denmark (after 15-2 win over Croatia): "It feels good! We struggled a little bit in the practice session yesterday. The ice was a bit heavy compared to what we expected. But it was good today, we found our weight and we felt very good. We wanted to play like we played at the nationals and do it the mixed doubles way – getting the draw weights there."

Jayne Stirling; Scotland (after 12-1 win over Israel): "I think we are really, really pleased because the first game is super important to settle in. It’s my first world championship so I was a little bit nervous. It’s a really big confidence boost and we’re feeling much more settled in. We wanted to be patient and get ourselves comfortable ahead of the long week. We want to enjoy the whole experience – come and support the senior Scotland teams, and we have loads of friends playing for different nations as well so come out and support them."