#WMDCC2018: Day three quotes

  • Australia's Lynn Hewitt Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Athlete quotes from day three of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018

Session 14

Harri Lill; Estonia (after 9-4 win over Finland): "It was a game of equal teams in the first half for sure. In the sixth end we had a real break point scoring three without a power-play and that got us the win I guess."

J.D. Lind; coach, Japan (after 10-2 win over Poland): "It's been a bit of a rough start but its just been a great learning experience for them. Every game they've gotten a little bit better so tonight was just a much better performance."

[Pictured below: Estonia's Harri Lill | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 13

Per Noreen; Sweden (after 8-6 win over Scotland): "We had many chances but we took none of them in the beginning of the match. The last two ends, everything went our way. So we're happy."

Veronica Zappone; Italy (after 13-1 win over Netherlands): "Our goal was to get over the loss of the last game. We just wanted to play our game, and learn more about the ice and throw-weight to fix the kinks."

[Pictured below: Italy's Veronica Zappone | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session 12

Yanlong Ma; China (after 7-5 win over Slovakia): "The most important thing is to keep playing better and controlling the mistakes. To play better in the next game we have learn to focus on each shot as it comes."

Heyji Jang; Korea (after 5-3 win over Germany): "After the Olympics we had a long break without the ice. This Championship is reminding us of curling conditions and how to play better and better."

[Pictured below: China's Yanlong Ma | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session 11

Yevgeny Tamkovich; coach, Belarus (after 13-4 win over Croatia): "Now we are inside the game and our game is getting better. The first game was not so simple for us. We didn’t perfect the ice the first game and now we are feeling better. We had good percentages in this game. Our team is playing our second tournament. The first tournament was our national and now we are understanding this game."

Tadas Vyskupaitis; Lithuania (after 9-6 win over Poland): "We felt in control of the game but maybe lacked some precision. We're really glad we managed to pull on in the last end. We saved our power play and took it. Its really nice to win on the last end."

[Pictured below: Lithuania's Tadas Vyskupaitis | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session Ten

Jason Chang; Hong Kong (after 8-5 win over Slovakia): "We’re really happy with the first win for Hong Kong in mixed doubles. It’s always nice to get the first one and we played a really good game today. [The three in the first end] definitely got them chasing us a little bit and we played really well through the first five ends so they were chasing us throughout, but they made their shots to score so the game kept close. We just had to keep putting the pressure on them. In the sixth end they got a steal of two, they played an excellent end, we really couldn’t get out of it. We knew we had the power-play in the seventh so we thought if we took two we could defend that lead."

Lynn Hewitt; Australia (after 8-6 extra end win over Latvia): "We’re excited [getting the win] because last night we had such a good chance to beat the Swiss and we just wanted to keep that momentum going. So that’s how we started this game, carrying forward that momentum and hoping that it would carry us through and do its job. [In the extra end] I didn’t want to have to throw my last stone. I wanted to make sure it was done and dusted before then and I kinda like that, owning the four-foot. Then we had a couple of different shots we could play."
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