#WMDCC2018: Day two quotes

  • France's Romain Borini Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the day two of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018

Session Nine

Sarah Anderson; USA, (after 6-5 win over Italy): “It was a really well fought game, they’re a great team and we just tried to hang in there. It helped that Korey made a lot of shots, so that’s always good. We just need to keep up the communication and analyzing the ice and hopefully we’ll have a handful of good games coming in here.”

Session Eight

Irantzu Garcia; Spain (after 9-4 win over Israel): "It feels really good because this morning everything was going wrong and I’m just so proud. Even though we had a bit of a bad start we still knew we could do it. In the morning game we were arguing a bit, so this game we just had to believe we could do it. We really needed to win that one because our next three games are Sweden, China and Scotland."

Per Noreen; Sweden (after win over China): "We like it very much, playing in Sweden. I think we are having fun this time. The last time we were a little frustrated, so I think we are more ready for this one than the last time it was in Karlstad."

[Pictured below: Spain's Irantzu Garcia | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session Seven

Zuzana Hajkova; Czech Republic (after 11-2 win over Ireland): “We're still fighting with the ice a little bit so there are still some spots we didn't read that well. So we just want to practise on that more.”

Kirk Muyres; Canada (after 6-3 win over Austria): “That was a gut check one. We didn't flow that nice, we kind of grinded it out. But you know, you get a few of them throughout the week, so it’s nice to get the first one out of the way so you know you can do it and now hopefully we start rolling a little better.”

[Pictured below: Team Czech Republic | Photo © WCF / Richard Gray]

Session Six

Santa Blumberga; Latvia (after 13-0 win over Luxemburg): "It feels really nice because yesterday was a bit shaky, not knowing the ice, not knowing the arena. But today, we got the hang of the curl and the weight was nice. I’m playing with my coach from last year, so it’s a bit different and we had a really long season. We’ve had some ups and downs in preparation tournaments but all those ups and downs just teach us what to do better."

Tadas Vyskupaitis; Luthuania (after 8-7 win over New Zealand): “It feels great to win today after being crushed yesterday by Russia. We felt the draw weight and curl much better today. It was a good game even though New Zealand made a great come back. That happens in curling and you have to be prepared for anything. If someone makes a great shot it changes everything. But I am glad we got the good result!"

[Pictured below: Tadas Vyskupaitis | Photo © WCF / Tom Rowland]

Session Five

Magnus Ramsfjell; Norway (after 10-3 win over Denmark): "I think the difference was we made important shots and Maia played some really good last shots and that really helped us not die in the first ends. When we had the chance we capitalised so that was huge. That was a really important win. We consider Denmark one of the best teams in our group and definitely it’s big to win against those teams. It’s good getting such a great start in the tournament."

Romain Borini; France (after 6-4 win over Spain): "I feel really good. We played well, better than yesterday. Now we’re more confident with the ice, yesterday was a bit difficult for us, but now it’s okay. We felt in control, we were good with our last shots and they missed a few of their last shots but was a tight game. I think the only real difference were the last shots. We are more confident [after their first win] and now we can trust in ourselves and we can trust in the ice."
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