Canada, Hungary, Switzerland and Turkey complete mixed doubles quarter-finals line-up

  • Turkey progress to the quarter-finals Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

Canada faced Czech Republic in their match and came out 8-6 winners, where Canada’s Laura Crocker opened the scoring with a precise angle double takeout for three points in the first end.

In the second end, Czech Republic responded with two points on a takeout but gave Canada three points in return in the third end.

In the fifth end, Canada faced two Czech counters but managed to remove both stones enough to score a single point taking a 7-3 lead. Czech Republic then decided to use their power-play in the sixth end, but missed their opportunity for three points, after rolling out on their takeout, scoring only two points.

In the eighth end, Canada with a three-point advantage, ran the Czech’s out of stones to win 8-6 and advance to the quarter finals.

In a close game where Switzerland defeated Italy, 6-5, the Swiss opened with two points in the first end.

The Italians made a draw against two counters to earn a single point in the second end, then Switzerland got a single point back the third end. Italy tied the game in the fourth end then gave up two points in the fifth end, where Switzerland hit a guard on a draw attempt for three points.

Both teams scored single points on their power-plays in the sixth and seventh ends. which made the score 6-4 in Switzerland’s advantage heading into the eighth end. Switzerland did their job on holding Italy to one point, winning the game 6-5.

Hungary scored one point against United States, followed by single point steals in the next two ends, and took a 3-1 lead into the break before eventually winning, 7-4.

Hungary widened the gap by scoring two points in the fifth end. United States then used their power-play in the sixth end, scoring three points to narrow the deficit.

Hungary responded by scoring two points in the seventh end, using the last stone advantage to make a double takeout. Then, in the eighth end, Hungary ran United States out of stones for their 7-4 win and a place in the quarter-finals.

Turkey and Estonia were tied in the eighth end of the back and forth battle where Turkey eventually won 11-8.

Both sides loaded the house from the start, looking for bigger scores, and Estonia opened the scoring with two points in the first end. Turkey replied with three points in the second end.

Estonia took the lead again with a score of four points in the third end, before but Turkey scored two points in the fourth end to close the gap at the break.
Estonia scored a single point in the fifth end, after which Turkey used their power-play in the sixth end to score three points to re-take the lead once again.

In the seventh end, Estonia used their power-play but could only score one point to tie the scores giving Turkey last stone advantage in the eighth end.

With seconds remaining on the clock in the eighth end and sitting three shot stones, Turkey quickly threw their last stone away, scoring three points for the 11-8 win and a place in the quarter finals.

They said it

Laura Crocker; Canada (after 8-6 win over Czech Republic): Compared to our game against Korea yesterday, I think that was the only game where we didn’t really throw all that well, every other game we knew that when we missed a shot it was thrown pretty well and we just needed to adjust the line, or whatever. But this game we threw everything exactly how we needed to. When we missed one we got over it, figured it out and then made the next one, so I think we got back to our usual selves of moving forward from misses instead of letting it snowball

Gyeorgy Nagy; Hungary (after a 7-4 win over United States): If you are leading then you are more comfortable with the ice and you become more confident. That's why we like to lead in a game. But sometimes being behind is also not bad because you get more focused. So, it could be either way. But if we can, we choose to lead.

Michele Jaeggi; Switzerland (after 6-5 win over Italy): It feels just awesome, we are really happy. We are quite pleased with our performance today, Italy are a strong opponent and we knew it from our round-robin game. We knew that they would throw everything at us, so we are happy to win finally.

Last 16 session two: Canada 8-6 Czech Republic; Switzerland 6-5 Italy; Hungary 7-4 United States; Turkey 11-8 Estonia.

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