Play-off teams set at the conclusion of the mixed doubles round-robin

  • Estonia complete round-robin stage undefeated Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

At the conclusion of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2018 round-robin being held in the Östersund Arena in Oestersund, Sweden, the top three placed teams from each group along with the fourth placed team with the best Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) score make up the 16 teams who have progressed to the play-off stage of the competition.

The play-off stage fixtures are pre-determined based on the final round-robin rankings, with the first ranked team playing the 16th ranked team, second will play 15th, third will play 14th, and so on. Rankings for the top fifteen teams are determined by their group position then DSC.

The five group winners are ranked on their round-robin DSC scores to determine the play-off rankings for one to five. The second placed teams are ranked based on their DSC and are given the ranking six to ten. The third placed teams are then ranked based on their DSC score and take the 11th to 15th ranked places. The 16th ranked team are the fourth placed finisher from the group stage with the best DSC score.

As such the play-off rankings are:

1. Korea; 2. Switzerland; 3. Estonia; 4. Norway; 5. Sweden
6. Canada; 7. United States; 8. Scotland; 9. Japan; 10. Hungary
11. Czech Republic; 12. China; 13. Russia; 14. Turkey; 15. Italy
16. Finland

These Last 16 stage games are being split into two sessions of play. The first session takes place at 09:00 CEST tomorrow (Friday 27 April) morning, with the second session taking place later in the day at 12:30 CEST. The fixtures are as follows:

Last 16 session one: Korea v Finland; Scotland v Japan; Sweden v China; Norway v Russia.

Last 16 session two: Estonia v Turkey; Canada v Czech Republic; United States v Hungary; Switzerland v Italy.

The winners of these games will progress to the quarter-final stage, while the losers will move onto a B-Side play-off structure to determine the final rankings of ninth down to 12th place.

The quarter-final games will take place on Friday evening at 19:30 CEST before the competition concludes with the semi-finals on Saturday (28 April) afternoon at 12:00 CEST followed by the bronze and gold medal finals later that day at 16:00 CEST.

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