Quarter-final tiebreaker awaits Turkey and Italy; Hosts reach quarter-finals after epic match

  • Michael Mellemester & Andreas Haarstad help sweep Norway in quarters Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

Turkey and Italy will meet tomorrow morning, at 09.00 (CET), in the only tiebreaker of the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

Both teams lost their final round-robin game tying them in fourth place in Group A on three wins and four losses each. Meanwhile Russia, Switzerland and USA have all qualified for the quarter-finals at 13.30 (CET) tomorrow.

Russia beat Turkey 5-3; Switzerland were victorious over Italy 9-6 and USA won against Japan, 9-3.

In the remaining game of this session China edged past New Zealand 6-5, after stealing six points in each of the second, seventh and eighth ends.

Tonight, Norway ensured their place in the quarter-finals after an epic battle with Korea that lasted close to three hours. Despite losing three points in the second end the Norwegians slowly edged into the lead, 5-3, by the conclusion of the seventh end, however Korea scored two in the eighth end to level the scores 5-5. In the extra end, Norway scored two points and booked their place in the play-offs, with a 7-5 win.

There were also wins for Canada, Great Britain and Sweden in this session. Canada beat Brazil, 13-1; Great Britain won against Czech Republic, 9-3 and Sweden were victorious over Estonia, 8-3.

They Said It:

Selina Witschonke; skip Switzerland (after 9-6 win over Italy): "It wasn't our best game, in the fourth end we had many faults, it was a bad end, but the rest was okay."

Kristina Podrabska; vice-skip Czech Republic (after 9-3 loss to Great Britain): "The Youth Olympics has been very good, I tried to play on different ice, against different teams, different nationalities. My most memorable experience is our first round-robin match, when we won against Brazil. It was very good. It was the first win, and it gave us power for the other games. Throughout the round-robin we've learned that nothing is lost, we played very good games, and now we know that we can play equally against a lot of teams. We became stronger."

Maia Ramsfjell; skip Norway (after 7-3 win over Korea): "I'm very happy. It was our goal to reach the play-off, so my team is very pleased. We were down by three by the end of the second end, and then we just played our best, and it ended up very well. We are very happy, and now we are hoping to get a good night of sleep and come back tomorrow with a strong performance."

GROUP A RESULTS, Session 13:

New Zealand 5-6 China; USA 9-3 Japan; Switzerland 9-6 Italy; Russia 5-3 Turkey

GROUP B RESULTS, Session 14:

Norway 7-5 Korea; Canada 13-1 Brazil; Great Britain 9-3 Czech Republic; Sweden 8-3 Estonia

GROUP A STANDINGS after Session 13 (W - L):

Q USA 6-1
Q Switzerland 6-1
Q Russia 6-1
TB Turkey 3-4
TB Italy 3-4
China 2-5
New Zealand 1-6
Japan 1-6

GROUP B STANDINGS after Session 14 (W - L):

Q Canada 7-0
Q Great Britain 6-1
Q Sweden 5-2
Q Norway 4-3
Korea 3-4
Czech Republic 2-5
Estonia 1-6
Brazil 0-7